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Mississauga Extreme Clean is the Company in Mississauga, Ontario you need to turn to when you are in need of Mattress Cleaning.

Our highly trained and educated cleaning professionals can take care of any issues you may have regarding your mattress. This may include urine stains, pet odours, vomit, tobacco smoke, blood, or any other type of stain.

It is extremely important to realize that mattresses need to be properly sanitized, as bodily fluids and fecal matter contain blood-borne pathogens that if left untreated will grow bacteria and odours will reoccur.

We spend an average of one-third of lives in bed, breathing in dust, pollen, dust mites and other airborne pollutants. It makes sense to have your mattress cleaned annually to ensure the quality of the air in your bedroom is optimal.

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Our Cleaning Methods for mattress cleaning is the top of the industry

We are always being referred business from the top mattress retailers in Mississauga due to our unique hybrid method of cleaning. Our expert upholstery cleaning team are IICRC certified and use advanced techniques that other Mississauga mattress cleaners do not have the training or knowledge for. By using encapsulation and steam cleaning, it offers the best of both worlds.. deep cleaning and fast drying times. If you book your mattress cleaning in the morning, it will be dry by the afternoon. It’s that fast!

Contact us as soon as you need our services and we will do our very best to get your mattress cleaned the same or following day.

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