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Emergency Hoarding Clean up Services Mississauga

Hoarding in Mississauga, Ontario is a very real situation, it is extremely common in fact over 5 % of the Canadian population suffers from the OCD disorder that causes the deep-rooted fear of loss of control that triggers those who are at risk.

Often it is an elderly individual, an extremely obese person who cannot clean up after themselves and in some cases an individual with disabilities both mental and physical.

Mississauga Ontario hoarding coalition

Numerous risks are associated with Gross Filth and Hoarding including…

  • Disease and viruses from garbage, insects, bodily fluids and decaying food
  • Psychological distress including depression, suicide, and extreme seclusion
  • Extreme increase of Fire as well as danger to any health care or emergency care workers if needed
  • Property degradation of the home and cancellation of the home insurance policy
  • Mold growth in the home and low indoor air quality
  • Respiratory distress
  • Extreme odours
  • Neglect of animals that are not properly cared for
  • Stress on  loved ones
  • Death due to extremely unsanitary conditions

Animal hoarders are prevalent in Mississauga, Ontario

Animal hoarding Mississauga, Ontario

The act of animal hoarding is most often not done as abuse on purpose, but nonetheless, it is still a very big problem for all parties involved.. Especially the animals.

The dangers of animal hoarding are even higher as the risk of sickness and disease are multiplied because of the fecal matter and urine that are always present in these cases. Open sores and wounds from fighting with the other animals are very common, as are communicable diseases including rabies. These poor animals need to be removed from the situation as soon as there is a problem that is detected.

How to get help with hoarding situations in Mississauga and the surrounding region

The first thing that needs to happen is an assessment of the situation has to be made. Here at Mississauga Extreme Clean we, offer a free assessment and consultation for all of our clients. We can work out strategies and a game plan for getting the situation back in control and the person(s) affected get the proper help and support that they desperately need.

We can be reached at 647-800-4177 or simply fill out the contact form located on the right side of the screen. Please give us as much information as possible about the situation including how many occupants of the home there are, and if there are any animals present.

The professional team at Mississauga Extreme Clean are here to help 7 days a week! Make us the first call when you need our help.